Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Google Docs Sharing

Google Docs allows easy sharing of documents. This can allow others to edit 
documents from wherever they have internet access. It can also be used to submit
drafts to teachers and pass in assignments.  

Sharing with Google Docs is simple on both desktop and mobile devices. The video above highlights the simplicity of the process on a desktop. These screen shots show how to share with the Google Docs app on iPad. This sharing process can be used on any other Google Application underneath the realm of Google Drive.
To share a Google Doc on an iPad, click the upper right hand corner to find an icon that looks like a person. Once you've clicked that you can add Google Plus contacts and email addresses into the document.

The creator of the document can give each invited contact specialized access. Specialized access can be given on a wide spectrum, from editing which gives full access to changes in the document to viewing which allows only viewing.    


  1. Google doc is one useful tool for me as sharing documents via this has been quite simple now.

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