Saturday, September 6, 2014

Introducing RMHS Rockets Help Desk!

The Reading Memorial High School Rockets Help Desk is open for business! During the next few weeks you will start seeing student-authored blog posts that contain video tutorials and recommendations for better organization and deeper learning through tech integration at our BYOD school.  These posts are for students, but could be used by teachers as well.

Introducing our inaugural Rockets Help Desk-ers!
Julia Donohue
Megan Catalano
Our early goals include:
  1. Creating this blog: We will post tutorials with ideas one how to make your school life easier with BYOD tech integration. These posts will be custom made based on student and teacher requests, or could be targeted at a school-wide audience. Either way, they are available for anyone to read, share with friends/students/colleagues, and use.
  2. Starting our own YouTube Channel: While we are just barely up and running, all videos we create and post to this blog will also be available on our YouTube Channel. Be sure to subscribe.
  3. E-Newsletter: Rockets Help Desk will send out a bi-weekly e-newsletter to the faculty so they know the resources we've created and posted. If interested, click on the live links in the newsletter to check them out, and share the links with students if they could benefit.
Want to make a request for Rockets Help Desk?

Email teacher Kerry Gallagher:

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