Friday, October 3, 2014

Educreations Tutorial

Tired of making yet another PowerPoint Presentation? Are you looking for a new, fun way of making projects? Educreations allows you to create projects or presentations that end up in a video format, rather than just a bunch of slides. It can be accessed through an online browser, or downloaded as an app on mobile devices. Here is a video tutorial on the basics of Educreations.

Below is a picture of the app version of Educreations. Making an account on Educreations is a great thing to do because it allows you to save your creations as well as share them with others. You can also search for other people's creations and save your favorites. 

Once you begin a new project, there are many different tools you can use to make it. Tools include the pen, which comes with a variety of colors, and the eraser which allows you to erase any unwanted writing. You can also add text, pictures, and even record audio. When recording audio, Educreations also captures what you do on the screen, so when you finish your project it plays like a video. 

Educreations can be used to make projects for any subject, such as History or Science. 

Here is a link to a History project made with Educreations:

Here is a link to a Chemistry demonstration made with Educreations: 

Once you know your way around Educreations, it can be used as a valuable tool to make projects or presentations.

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