Friday, October 17, 2014

First Demo Slam!

On October 16th, Rockets Help Desk was invited to participate in a Demo Slam with Burlington High School Help Desk and others from our GEG Hangout on Air earlier this month. A Demo Slam is when you present how to use an application, website, or any other basic tutorial. Demo Slams take place between multiple parties in order to find the most entertaining and informative way to convey a tutorial and teach a broad audience without boring them. They can have more specified rules too! In this case the teachers involved created a rule list for what might have been the first ever solely student run Demo Slam.
Teachers used a Google Doc to communicate and plan the Demo Slam,
The Demo Slam started at 10am but since classes do not break until 10:35, Megan and I entered a  little bit later. We spent the first few minutes of the period preparing something informative and fun to present. After a while, we both decided to show an app called ChatterPix. This app can be used to create a 60 second video making a photo talk. Here is one of a dog speaking Spanish.

Megan and I did a demo on ChatterPix. Here we are showing a talking tissue box.
After we demo slammed, we talked a bit about our blog and some of the things the Rockets Help Desk is planning to do next year. Overall it was an exciting experience and helped immensely with learning more about tutorials in an exciting medium. Hopefully we can do it again and if we get the chance, I definitely would like to have more prep time so we could not only demo the app but also show other samples students had made and how it can be integrated into classroom. Below is the edited version of  the Google Hangout we did to present the demos. I hope to see some of these lovely faces at the MassCUE conference next week.

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