Friday, October 10, 2014

Reading Public Library Databases

Our school library has some great databases and resources on their Edline page but the Reading Public Library also has sundry resources that may be used for different purposes. RPL has a page dedicated to Teen Homework Help, which has loads of Resources that are easy to use and access as long as you are a Reading resident with a library card, a video tutorial of how to use these resources is available below.

Three of the resources that are shown above are World History in Context, EBSCO ebooks, and
mango languages. All these resources are accessible and easy to use for different purposes. World History in Context is a great resource for finding background information on a topic, primary sources, and links to other articles.

 EBSCO ebooks can help you find books available in the public domain. It's a search engine just like Google or Yahoo!, except you're searching for books. Books can be viewed by chapter and gives a list of important quotes from the book and a brief synopsis.

 Mango Languages is a login website that allows you to access over 60 languages, which can be a great tool for practicing languages that can feel like an adversary. It also allows you to culturally explore the language and the country from which it originates, a wonderful resource for going above and beyond in your foreign language class or among your peers.

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