Monday, November 3, 2014

Prezi Tutorial

Do you need to make yet another project? Are you fed up with making PowerPoint Presentations? Try Prezi! Prezi lets you make presentations similar to a PowerPoint, but they're a little more fun. Prezi can be accessed on an online browser, or downloaded as an app.

Here is a video tutorial for the online version of Prezi:

Below are some screen shots from the iPad app version of Prezi:

In the app version of Prezi you can sign into your account, which allows you to continue working on the projects you started on a browser or another mobile device.

Once you start your project, there are many options to chose from in order to make it just the way you want it. On each slide you can add a title, a picture, a video, or text. 

By clicking on the wrench in the top right corner you can customize your project to make it unique. You can add a background image, choose a theme, pick the structure of your presentation, and more. 

And thats it! Super simple and easy to use, Prezi can help you make fun and interesting presentations for any subject. 

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