Thursday, March 5, 2015

In Person Consultation: Homework Magic

At Rockets Help Desk, many members of  the RMHS  community approach us with their tech issues. They can range from app tutorials to project ideas. The other day, Mrs. Bedingfield approached us inquiring about a classroom problem that can effect any teacher who doles out homework.

Here's the problem. Whenever a teacher checks homework, students are forced to stop whatever they were doing and tear it out of their notebooks. This is disadvantageous to students because they cannot correct their homework or use it to study on their own time. Such a process also wastes class time; forcing the teacher to run around the class collecting papers rather than teaching.

As any concerned teacher, Mrs. Bedingfield did not want to waste the time of her students or herself. That's why she chose to visit Rockets Help Desk; in comes the beauty of technology with a solution for her classroom. Our proposed solution was to use an app called CamScanner in cahoots with Gmail and it's filters. CamScanner allows you to take pictures which you can upload to a multitude of places or convert to PDF files. The plan is for students to take pictures with the app and send them to the teachers email. But a teacher would hate to have their email flooded with student submissions intertwining with their regular inflow of emails. By filtering their email into separate folders they can avoid this hassle, which you can learn to do in the tutorial below.

Mrs. Bedingfield really liked our idea, but adjusted it to fit her own classroom. She knew she did not need all the added features of CamScanner. After talking with our tech integrator, Mrs. Dee, she decided that using a school email would be more effective. Students are now using their phone's camera app to take pictures of their homework and then sending them to Mrs. Bedingfield's school email while still using email filters to organize her inbox. Taking our suggested proposal, she changed it for her own style which is the beauty of in person consultations.

If you have a tech problem or anything of the sort visit Rockets Help Desk during blocks D and E in the library. You can also email us at to schedule or plan a GHO.

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