Thursday, March 19, 2015

Twitter Basics Tutorial

Twitter is an online social networking service that allows you to keep in touch with others. It's great for sharing your thoughts, talking to others, and seeing what others are doing. Twitter is useful for just about everything - from doing business and promotion to just keeping in touch with friends. The 140-character tweets allow for short, to-the-point, and public messages to those who follow you. It is accessible from your desktop and all mobile platforms, making networking easy and on-the-go.

The tweeting system is separated into three parts: retweeting, favoriting, and posting tweets. Retweeting posts you like is a way of sharing your opinions or just things that you find amusing or empowering. To favorite a tweet is to show the poster that you like what he or she said - it's a more subtle way of support. Tweets that you post can be seen by your followers and, depending on your privacy settings, the world.

Patrick Larkin wrote a great article about his own experience with Twitter and why it should be used more often here.


Someone messaged us and mentioned that the mobile app of Twitter is different from the website. Sorry about that! We forgot about the app itself.

As mentioned before, there are some major differences between the webpage and the mobile app.

When you first open the Twitter app, the home screen pops up.

The second and third icons are similar to the notifications tab and direct message function on the webpage. The fourth and final icon, labeled “Me,” is where you can access your settings and your own tweets.

the gear icon

On the "Me" page, the gear icon to the right of your profile picture is where you can access the settings. Once you click on it, another menu will pop up (see pic). The settings is the first option from the top. The process is shown down below.

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