Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Reminding Edline 101

Remind is a great new tool being used in high schools. Remind can be used on a website or through an application on any device. Remind lets teachers connect with their students through their phones. Teachers can text their students to remind them of homework, due dates, materials to bring to class, and really anything else imaginable. Remind will give the student a code to text to which then adds them to their teachers class. Now the students phone number is kept hidden and so is the teachers. The app will not let you text your teacher or vice versa unless you use another special feature though remind called chat. In chat you are allowed to do a two way chat with one student. Now remind is great when your students sign up. Not all teachers require you to sign up for remind. To really keep kids and parents up to date with remind you can have remind on an edline page. Teachers can now embed their remind texts on their site so all people connected on edline can see whats being sent on remind. 
This picture above shows how a regular remind text is sent to students if they are signed up on their cellphones.

This picture above shows how the remind can be embedded into your edline page. To do this you need to go to your remind account to get the HTML come to embed into your page.

When you log into remind there is a button that you can press called my account. The icon is a silhouette of a person. When you press this icon a drop down bar comes down with different options. You are going to want to click the button widgets.
Once you clicked widgets you will be brought to a whole other page where the HTML is located. You are going to want to copy the HTML code so you have it to be pasted onto your edline page.
On this page you have the option to embed all classes but I would suggest just one class per edline page.

-Now on edline go into contents on your edline page.
-Make a new document
-Make a new file called “remind announcements” or whatever you would like.

-Go to enter text by hand and that would be where you should past in the HTML code. You need to HTML icon in the document
-Then a new window will pop up and that is where you will be able to copy in the Remind HTML code.
-Once you copy in the code hit update. You will see nothing but that's ok.
-Make sure to save the changes

               -The remind will show up in the corner as a clickable link.

-To make it really appear in the corner go to edit this page and click the “add box button”
-When you add a box you click on the box and the you select remind announcement -Then click “ok” and the remind announcement will show up at the top of the page

-Then grab the box and drag the box to your desired place on the edline page

     -The remind box will look blank
-Go into the setting then design properties wheel of the box and go to the “other" tab. Go to the first line and change from summary to auto height and then click the apply button and then the remind button will finally show up in your box.
-Remember to X out of the property box.
-Save your design
Your finished product should look like the image below


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