Monday, November 17, 2014

Google Hangout with Reshan Richards

Today we talked with the creator of one of our favorite apps, Explain Everything. Reshan Richards teaches in New Jersey and is the Director of Education Technology in his school; the self described app designer has a blog, The Constructivist Toolkit and can be contacted through twitter.
We met Reshan at the MassCUE conference in October and attended his presentation on his teaching philosophy and his app. Afterwards we introduced ourselves and told him a little bit about Rockets Help Desk.  We asked him if he would do a Google Hangout with us, which we did today.

In our chat, we asked Reshan about his own use of technology in the classroom and his experience in a one-to-one school. Reshan gave honest and in depth answers about how supportive the administration was toward the tech integration at his school, parent and student response, and why he felt the need to create an app that centered on giving students choice and freedom in an educated way.

To hear more from Reshan Richards watch his Ted Talk "About Assessment".

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