Friday, January 16, 2015

Weebly Tutorial


Weebly is a free online website creator. It is great for professional and polished looking projects and reports. My favorite feature of Weebly is the ability to copy and paste which isn't found on other similar websites like prezi or glogster. I know that one might think that copy and pasting promotes plagarism, but hear me out. As the type-a personality that I am, I like to have everything planned out ahead of time. If I were to do a group project, I would plan out all of my information with my other group member in a google doc. Then, I would take the information (that I worded myself) and copy and paste it into Weebly. 

Another great feature of Weebly is the design feature. With the option of design you can make a unique-looking, but still professional website. It offers many options for the design of your website. With that, you can chose color schemes, fonts, and overall layout of the site. It also has super easy navigational features on the sidebar that make creation and design super quick and easy.

Here is the home page to one of my finished Weeblys. Click the caption to view the finalized website

Home page of a student created Weebly

For more information on Weebly, check out our new video tutorial: 

Or go on the Weebly website yourself to discover more of their interesting features at

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