Friday, January 16, 2015

Google Hangout with Swaroop Raju

The other day, Rockets Help Desk did a Google Hangout with Swaroop Raju, creator and cofounder of eduCanon. EduCanon is a great tool for teachers, allowing them to take an online video and then edit it to fit your students' needs. To learn more about eduCanon, you can read Rockets Help Desk's recent tutorial blog post.

Teachers all around the country are already using eduCanon.  This year, eduCannon was listed in EdSurge's top 10 apps. You can see the article if you click here

We asked him what he likes EduCannon; he learns best from video, being able to pause and rewind the video is what helps him learn. We questioned him about his inspiration for eduCannon, how he works with teachers and students, and his future plans for the app. 

Below is the video of the Google Hangout:

To keep up with Swaroop, you can visit his twitter.

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