Friday, February 6, 2015

Tech Integration Profile: PLTW Principles of Engineering

One great example of tech integrations at RMHS is the Principles of Engineering course and blog. PLTW stands for Project Lead The Way, which is an organization that hundreds of schools across America are part of. The class teacher, Mr. Buono, started the blog in 2012 when the engineering class first started running at RMHS and has been effectively running it since. When asked what prompted him to start the blog Mr. Buono said, "I felt that, since there are hundreds of other PLTW schools across America, it would a great to share our projects and coursework with them. It's also an easy way to showcase the fruits of our labor to the local community and to the groups that funded these courses." 

Below is a picture of and the link to the blog: 

The blog is mainly student generated, and each student in the class posts six times a year. There are hundreds of posts about robots, thermodynamics, electricity, and more. Lots of the posts include diagrams and pictures of class projects, here are some of them below: 

A Compound Machine
Robot Test Bed
Mr. Buono is happy with the integration of the blog in the class. He said, "Feedback seems positive,
for particular projects students are clearly proud of their work and I know parents enjoy seeing what their kids have done too."

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