Friday, February 6, 2015

Real-Time Quizzes With Socrative

It's hard to get student results instantly as they are testing, but now you can with a service called Socrative. Socrative is an interactive application that allows teachers to create assessments and games that their students can take, while teachers are able to review their results in real-time.   

In this tutorial, a teacher can learn how to make quizzes on Socrative.

Once you've made a quiz with Socrative getting your students on board is easy.

 1. Share your room number with your students.
The room number can be found at the top of your teacher
dashboard and is subject to customization 
2. Tell them to go to enter the room number.
All students need to do to log in to a quiz is enter a room number

3. Watch their progress!
Results can be viewed as soon as questions are submitted

If you are ready to try Socrative and would like assistance the first time you give it a shot in your classroom, contact Rockets Help Desk at or visit us during D and E block in the back of the library.

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