Monday, March 30, 2015

Google Hangout with Catherine Carr

Last Friday afternoon, we interviewed Catherine Carr, CIO and Vice President of Marketing for Haiku Deck, through Google Hangout. From Reading, Massachusetts to Seattle, Washington we discussed the future of technology while also touching upon Haiku Deck's features and the new program Haiku Deck Zuru. Catherine was pleasant to speak with and excited to share her ideas and experiences with us.

We started the interview talking about the inspiration behind Catherine’s work with Haiku Deck. After that, we moved on to ask about how technology continues to inspire her every day. She responded that simple apps and web software really fascinate her and help her inspiration process. Considering her work with technology, we asked about her education and how it led to her job as CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer) for Haiku Deck. Catherine mentioned the importance of writing and communication with many different kind of people, no matter what career path a person chooses.

Catherine was very genuine with her answers and was attentive to our questions. She made a great interviewee and we loved talking to her! See our Google Hangout with her here.

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