Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Teacher's Guide to Pinterest Basics

Pinterest is an online inspiration board. While many people use it for recipes, fashion, or fitness, it has a lot of good ideas to find for classrooms as well.  Educators can find creative lesson plans, classroom designs, and fun projects. Pinterest is a great way to share your ideas through the use of creating personalized pins, while discovering the ideas of others. It helps you keep your ideas organized on pinboards. Pinterest is also very accessible with a beautifully designed app that is available on the Google Play and App Store for all devices. 

My mom is a fifth grade teacher who uses Pinterest all of the time.  She's found design ideas to make more space in her classroom, strategies to help struggling students, and even lesson plans. She follows other teachers on Pinterest and they get to share all of their favorite strategies and resources.

Here's a quick video tutorial on using Pinterest in a web browser:

If you prefer to use Pinterest through the mobile app, it has a gorgeous design and is very easy to use. I actually believe that it is much better than the website because it is so much easier. The screenshots below will help get you started.  Have fun exploring! 

This is your notification screen on the app to let you know who is following you, who pinned your pins and more. 

Pinterest home page 

Search bar for app that allows you to search through thousands of pins. 

Personal search bar in profile that allows you to search through your pins only.
Pinterest is a fabulous tool to use in your everyday and professional life. It has some awesome ideas for everyone to use. All you have to do now is head over to in order to explore the site by yourself. 

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