Thursday, June 18, 2015

iMovie with Ms. Lynch

Last week, Ms. Lynch asked us to come into her entrepreneurship class to teach herself and the class how to use iMovie on a Mac. The students were using iMovie to make a video about their field trip to Salem.

Ms. Lynch wanted the class to cohesively put the pictures they took from their trip into a video and use the voice over feature in iMovie to explain the pictures and what they learned. We helped students take pictures from Google Drive and transport them into iMovie so that they could begin this process.

We also sat down with Ms. Lynch to teach her how to use iMovie, and she started working on her own project just like the students were. We showed her how to import pictures, use effects like Ken Burns to zoom in, and how to adjust the length of time the image appears on screen. She was excited to learn, and it was a lot of fun to teach her how to use the technology.

Perhaps most rewarding is viewing some of the projects that resulted from Ms. Lynch's teaching, an engaging field trip, and the efforts of her students.  We were glad to be a small part of it.

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