Friday, June 19, 2015

Kahoot Tutorial

Kahoot is a great website that is used for fun classroom activities. The main purpose of kahoot is to make quizzes for a fun, competitive learning experience for all students, however you can also use kahoot to make polls and discussions. In order to make a quiz on kahoot, you must go to The quizzes made on kahoot have timed questions and for each second that a student hesitates, the points drop down lower, so the quicker you get your answer in the more amount of points you get! This makes for a fast-paced, but educational experience for all. Once the kahoot is ready to play, anyone with the code can join in as long as they go to on a web browser. Other than in-class work, people can use a kahoot for a fun, interactive portion of a presentation or use it to study with friends. 

To learn more about Kahoot and how to make quizzes, watch my tutorial below. 

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