Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Google Classroom: How to Sign-Up

Signing in and creating classes as a teacher:

  1. Creating a class is easier when you are using a computer not the app on your device.
  2. Login to google classroom using the account you want to be linked to the class. This email will be visible to all students. You will need to use your teacher email account (first.lastname@reading.k12.ma.us).
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  1. Once you are logged in, hit the plus at the top right corner. Then hit “create a class” You can name your class whatever you want and add a section name so you can keep the classes separate if you teach more than one block of the same class.
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  1. After you hit create, you will be brought to the homepage of your class. On this page at the bottom left corner you will see a box that has the class code in it. This is the code that you must give to your students so that they can be added to the class on google classroom.
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  1. If you navigate to the “About” page in your classroom, you can add a class title, description, and add a location. You can also click on the links to the google drive folder and the google calendar and you will be taken directly to each.
  2. Also under the about page, you can add a materials list so that your students know exactly what they need to have for your class.
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  1. Through google classroom you can post all assignments, ask questions, post due dates, and share documents. Once all your students have access to the classroom, it becomes a collaborative space that they, and you, can access from any device.

Signing in and accessing classes as a student:

  1. In order to gain access to a classroom, you first must sign into google classroom with your school email (first.lastname@rdgstudent.com). Your teacher will give you the password to this account if you do not already have it.
    1. Note: if you have not previously used this account when you login with the password provided for you you will be prompted to set your own password and then to select whether you are a teacher or a student. Make sure you select student and that you remember this password.
  2. When you login you will come to a screen and at the top right hand corner click on the + symbol. It will prompt you to put in a class code which your teacher will give you.
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  1. You will be brought to the homepage of your class where you can see all the assignments, documents, questions, and posts made by your teacher and other students.
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  1. Under the about page you will also see the link to the google drive folder and the google calendar. You can follow these for easy access to these resources.
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Quick Tips/ Things to Take Note of:
  • Any time a teacher posts a document in google classroom it is added to the class’s google drive folder, and all due dates are added to the google calendar.
  • On your iPhone you can add the google calendar to your calendar app and have easy access to all due dates. Or on the website you can go to the “Calendar” tab under the main menu and you can see all the due dates for all of your classes in one place.
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  • For teachers, it is easier to access google classroom through a computer because you have easier access to documents etc that you may want to post. For students, the app works great as does the website. The app is a bit easier to navigate.
  • You can attach documents from google drive or upload them from your computer.

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