Friday, September 18, 2015

RHD is Back!

Rockets Help Desk is back in action and now we’re a class!

Welcome Back!
The new school year has brought many new things; including new people, new tech, and a new teacher. We have been redesigning our space, room 346 in the back of the library, to make it a positive learning space that reflects Rockets Help Desk, our work, and the members in it. Thanks to the Reading Education Foundation, we have received our new MacBooks, iPads, and much more. Currently we are using both the laptops and iPads for development and class use.

New Team!
The new school year brought many new members to the Rockets Help Desk Team.

From Left to Right: 
Lauren Fiore: Senior
Mrs. Dee: Teacher
Kyle Mungenast: Junior 
Anson Huang: Junior 
Sabrina Caruso: Junior 
Julia Donohue: Senior 
Megan Catalano: Junior
Moriah Greeno: Junior
Ilyas Saheb: Senior
Kathleen Walsh: Sophmore 

Logo and Social Media
This year, our own Rockets Help Desk member Ilyas Saheb has been working on a brand new logo to help brand RHD. We all collaborated on what kind of logo we wanted and naturally we decided to include a rocket. This logo will be placed on flyers and be hung up all around the school. We really want students and teachers to know we are here and ready to help. To connect with us more you can follow us on our social media websites, or contact us via email.

-Twitter: @RocketsHelpDesk
-Instagram: @rocketshelpdesk
-YouTube Vlog Channel: RMHS Rockets Help Desk

RCTV Training
This year at Rockets Help Desk we plan to further our experience in video production by working with RCTV, the town’s community television station. We want to do this because it will benefit us when we work on projects such as the superintendent's vlogs, working with teachers, and will overall broaden our horizons. Our goal is to become familiar with the camera equipment at RCTV and learn how to use the chroma key room (green screen) as well. We also hope to make a chroma key area in our classroom. Along with learning how to use the equipment we also plan on learning how to using the editing software and be able to edit our projects and end up with a beautiful final project.

Teen Panel - Connecting Families
This week we have been working on putting together the Common Sense Media Teen Panel which is a panel of high school students sharing their digital life experiences with elementary and middle school parents. This effort will not stop with the teen panel, we will be using the Common Sense Media lessons with our advisory connections. We received an email from the administration and they have set the date for the panel as October 15th at Joshua Eaton Elementary School. We also emailed Common Sense Media, and asked them to send us promotional materials to make the process more fun and interesting.

Advisory Connections
This year, freshman advisory classes will be implementing Digital Bytes, from Common Sense Media. Designed to give 9th graders the kind of training to make smart decisions with technology, each “Byte” lesson is 2 hours long. Rockets Help Desk is facilitating the lessons with advisory teachers later this semester.

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  1. Awesome work - it is great to have smiling and happy IT support! Hope this works for you guys!