Friday, December 12, 2014

GHO with Andy Marcinek

          Today we engaged in a Google Hangout with Andrew Marcinek. Mr. Marcinek has been a technology integrator throughout several school districts, in which he has helped bring importance to the student voice through the use of help desk programs. As an innovator he has created something that has been expanded upon in various schools such as Burlington, Groton-Dunstable, and currently in the Grafton  Public School system. Andrew has inspired many to engage in this student development philosophy including Rockets Help Desk.      

        We chatted about his personal experience with help desks; he believes that the process of creating a help desk can be integral to a school. It all started with him wondering why students are not a more important part of decision making in their own schools. Students are more tech savvy in general, therefore they are a useful tool in better understanding technology.

        He then vitalized the program through interview processing in order to build the most effective team possible. Below is the entire Hang Out, you can watch hear more about his insight. If you want even more information visit his blog and get a copy of his book, The 1:1 Roadmap  available now.

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