Thursday, December 4, 2014

QR Codes Tutorial

QR Codes are a convenient way to share images, documents, presentations, and more! When you make one they are able to be scanned similar to a bar code. Each QR code links to URL, video, photo, or presentation.  They are all unique so you can make an infinite number of QR codes.

Here is a video tutorial for using QR codes:

Here is a annotated screenshot of a QR Code making website:

This is a sample of a QR code. Once you make it it can be printed out or saved on your computer or device. Try scanning it! It will link to this website, where you can make your own QR code!
To access what the QR code is linked to, you need a QR reader app downloaded on your device.
Here is what one app that you can download to read and scan QR codes looks like:

Now that you have learned about QR codes you can go and try one yourself!

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